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Meet Liza, the Monitor lizard- one of the most intelligent & opportunities seeker creatures. Liza got a mission to revolutionize the crypto universe, making her the Einstein of the digital token cosmos by bringing to her community unique unheard-of Ai tools. Imagine a meme coin with not just a kickass mascot but real, tangible tech behind it. Liza isn't just here to make you smile, she's here to shake up your crypto experience
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What is $Liza??

A spicy, fire-breathing hyper-deflationary digital token with AI utility use cases from day 1, equipped with groundbreaking features never seen before.

$LIZA is a fiery deflationary token equipped with a burning mechanism. But it's more than just a token - it's your personal AI-powered guide in the vast crypto wilderness. With $LIZA, crypto becomes simple, fun, and rewarding as it continuously uncovers the best opportunities. And the best part? You get to experience a working utility from day one! Just remember, this is only the beginning. A suite of groundbreaking utilities is lined up, ready to turbocharge your crypto journey!"

Our Tokenomics

Hyper-Deflationary Token

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Chrome Extension

Ready to analyze projects like a whale? liza just released the LizaView chrome extension for coingecko/coinmarketcap Totally for free

Here are only few of the features we are working on
Liza Explorer
The most advanced filters to find gems
Liza View
The first research extension for Coingecko/Coinmakretcap
Liza Neo Alpha
Imagine receiving daily AI updates gathered from secret Telegram groups. Know what's bullish, bearish, and trending in new projects. Join the 1% who are first to know and act.
Liza Fund
Receive future airdrops from DAO voted on projects that the DAO invests in. The revenues of the DAO will be generated from these projects.
Liza OG index
The first dashboard that shows the largest and most influential movers and market makers, showing which assets crypto OGs are holding in their wallets. These wallets will be closely monitored and tracked. 
Liza AI Pulse
Community owners will have the ability to gauge community sentiments and take appropriate actions based on the insights gathered


Please be advised that currently our cryptocurrency service and products are not available to U.S. Customers.

We take regulatory compliance seriously and strive to operate within the bounds of applicable laws and regulations.

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